Corecon Products

Falcon Series

This is Corecons flagship series AGV designed to be a very durable, easily maintained, versatile vehicle. It can be easily modified to accept different load handling attachments and has been engineered with unique features for ease of maintenance, reduced maintenance, and longest product life.

Eagle Series

This line of vehicles is designed for specific applications which require a lower cost vehicle. These vehicles are more compact and lighter then the Falcon series but still feature a long product life.

Patriot Series

These vehicles are the traditional line of vehicles which Corecon manufactures for specific industries. They are engineered for the specific applications but can be modified to fit your requirements.

Custom Systems

When one of Corecon’s 30+ standard AGV models does not meet your application requirements, Corecon will engineer a vehicle to meet your material handling requirements. Corecon engineers specialize in product development for custom applications and this series of vehicles is a product of that effort.

Reconditioned Systems

These vehicles can be purchased from Corecon’s stock which was obtained through the buy back program. This line should be considered when the customer cannot justify the expense of a new vehicle but still wants the many benefits of an AGV system. Several levels of rebuild are offered to meet your budget.