Custom C530 Automatic Guided Vehicle


Designed to handle very large products up to 45 feet long and weighing up to 40,000 lbs. The Custom C530 Automatic Guided Vehicle has a low profile of only 24” from the floor and a lift platform that raises 12”. Other custom work surfaces and tooling can be custom designed to meet your specific application.

A bidirectional vehicle with dual steered drive units allows for a great deal of flexibility in movement and speed. The wheel suspension keeps the drive wheels in contact with the floor at all times. All wheels feature extra thick polyurethane tread for long life and quiet operation. Electromechanical brakes are included as an integral part of the permanent magnet motor and sealed gearbox assembly.
Each Custom C530 is equipped with a 48-volt battery power source.

Vehicle object detection sensors reduce vehicle speed and stop vehicle travel when an obstruction is in the travel path of the vehicle. This bumper safety protection technology - along with additional safety sensors - comes standard on all our Automatic Guided Vehicle AGVs, ensuring a safe working environment for plant personnel.

  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Low Maintenance
  • Access to All Major Automatic Guided Vehicle Components
  • Modular Design for Faster Diagnosis and Quick Repair
  • Opportunity Charging System Eliminates Battery Handling
  • Simple Automatic Guided Vehicle Deployment
  • Variety of Tooling Available for Many Custom AGV Applications
  • Removable Covers Provide Access to All the Electrical and Drive Components.
  • Travel Drive Gearbox Gears are Hardened for Long Life.
  • Automatic Guided Vehicle Frame is of Welded Plate Construction.
  • Corecon’s Modular Control System separates AGV Functions making Problem Diagnosis Quicker and Reduces AGV Downtime.
  • AGV Safety Devices Meet and Exceed ANSI and OSHA Standards for Automatic Guided Vehicle AGVs.
AGV Options
  • Opportunity Charging
  • Optical Communication
  • Radio Communication
  • Sealed AGV Batteries
  • Laser Safety Sensor
  • Quick Charge Batteries