E210 Flexcart AGCS - Automated Guided Cart


The E210 is a cost effective Automated Guided Cart AGV that is designed to fit in many material handling applications. This economical automated cart vehicle delivers high performance in a small package without sacrificing quality, reliability, and durability to support 24/7 operations.

The E210 is capable of lifting loads up to 1000 lbs. with a towing capacity of 3000 lbs. The versatility of this AGV allows for the construction of the frame to be adapted to many different configurations. This flexibility permits this AGC to be used as a tugger, can be fitted with a powered roller conveyor deck or lift table, or can be used with the standard platform which can adapt to support customer specific modular racking. These options are all centered around the compact drive assembly and on-board control system. The E210 AGC has an optional push button control of the drive assembly that will raise or lower the travel drive in order for the AGV to be manually operated as a push cart. This function allows the operator to maneuver the cart into tight places off the guide path for load or unload operations, then place the AGV back onto the guide path to resume automatic operation.

The E210 Automated Guided Cart also has as a standard feature, side kick bars for stop or release functions by workstation personnel in assembly operations or used as side protection when the AGV requires automatic rotation. The E210 AGC has an optional 120VAC retractable plug in line cord for low demand usage or can be outfitted with an automated opportunity charging system for multiple shift operation. The E210 is easy to maintain with components very accessible for maintenance personnel. This AGV is powered with two 12volt sealed batteries for a 24volt system.

  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Ease of Maintenance designed into Automated Carts
  • Easy Access to All Major AGV Components
  • Modular Design for Faster Diagnosis and Quick Repair
  • Simple Automated Guided Cart Deployment
  • Variety of Tooling Available for Many Eagle AGVS
  • Low Profile design allows AGVS to fit under racks to lift and transport or add a roller deck top to interface with a low level stationar conveyor
  • Removable Covers Provide Ease of Access to the Drive Assembly and All Electrical Components
  • Ergonomically friendly scissors lift table can be automatically raised to the ideal lift height for operational and personnel convenience and safety
  • AGV Frame and Lift Table is of Welded Construction Using Structural Steel
  • The Outside Cover is Made from High Impact Plastic for Durability and Low Maintenance
  • Our AGC's Modular Control System separates AGV Functions making Problem Diagnosis Quicker and Reduces AGV Downtime
  • AGV Safety Devices Meet and Exceed ANSI and OSHA Standards for AGVs
  • Side Protection for operation safety when rotating AGV or can be used as a kick bar for in-line assembly personnel to release or stop the AGV at a workstation
AGV Options
  • Frame can be Customized to meet Many Different Configurations for a multipurpose Automated Guided Cart Vehicle
  • Attachments for the Automated Cart: Roller Conveyor, Modular Rack System, Scissors Lift, Automated Trailer Hitch
  • Manual Push Cart option for Off Guide Path Maneuvering of Load/ Unload operations with an Auto Resume Sequence when placed back on the guide path
  • Bolt on Hitch Pin for automated towing
  • Laser or Ultrasonic Obstacle Detection
  • Manual Retractable Line Cord for Plug In Operation
  • Automated Opportunity Charging
  • Radio AGV Communications
  • Digital I/O Communication and Handshake
  • Quick Charge Batteries for Automated Guided Carts