Patriot P325 Automatic Palletizing Box Clamp AGV


Corecon’s Patriot P325 forklift AGVs can be fitted with our rotating fork box grab unit combining both palletizing and normal pallet pickup operations in one unit. With the forks rotated 90 degrees vertically the forks automatically shift in to act as a box clamp. With the forks in the normal horizontal position they act as a normal pallet handling forks. The perfect automated packaging system.  

A customer's stack of product boxes (6 boxes per layer) is picked up directly from a workstation or conveyor with the AGV’s grab unit. The AGV’s forks rotate 90 degrees to clamp the layer of boxes. The Palletizer AGV then automatically takes the layer of boxes to a pallet and stacks them five layers high. Once the pallet is fully loaded, the forks on the AGV are rotated back 90 degrees to their normal fork truck position and the AGV picks up the finished pallet and takes it to its final destination. The grab design uses shifting and rotating forks to handle both pallets and boxes.

Sensors mounte­d on the forks are used to check alignment of the fork with the fork pocket of the pallet. Another sensor checks for boxes being present when a layer of boxes is delivered which prevents the AGV from pushing an existing layer of boxes off the stack. The grab also incorporates a load present detection sensor for accurate pickup and load safety. Our unique box clamping design allows the customer to field-adjust the clamping force to the optimum value which will reliably hold the boxes both empty and full, yet not exert additional forces which could damage your product or the boxes being grabbed.

  • The Palletizing Robot's Low Cost of Ownership
  • Low Maintenance needed on Automatic Palletizer AGVS
  • Easy Access to All Major AGV Components
  • Modular Design for Faster Diagnosis and Quick Repair
  • Automated Pallet and Storage Handling
  • Reduced Risk of Environmental Contamination since Hydraulic Systems Are Eliminated
  • Opportunity Charging System Eliminates Battery Handling
  • Simple Palletizing AGV Deployment
  • Each Grab is Custom Engineered to Provide the Best Possible Solution for all Your Pallet and Box Handling Requirements.
  • Shifting and Rotating Forks act as a Box Clamp for Palletizing and then Can be Rotated 90 Degrees for Normal Pallet Pickup.
  • Cabinet Design Provides Easy Access to the Electrical Components.
  • Travel Drive Gearbox Gears are Hardened, Precision Ground, with Lubrication for Long Life and Quiet Operation.
  • Idle Wheels have "Sealed for Life" Bearings and Hardened Axle Shafts.
  • AGV Frame is of Welded Construction Using Heavy Wall Structural Tubing which Provides High Bending and Torsion Strength and Stiffness.
  • Corecon’s Modular Control System separates AGV Functions making Problem Diagnosis Quicker and Reduces AGV Downtime.
  • AGV Safety Devices Meet or Exceed ANSI and OSHA Standards for AGVs.
AGV Options
  • Fork Tip Sensors
  • AGV Optical Communication
  • AGV Radio Communication
  • Sealed Fork Truck Batteries
  • Fast Charge Fork Lift Truck Batteries
  • Quick Charge Fork Lift Batteries
  • Laser Safety Sensor