Patriot P340 Narrow Aisle Forklift AGV


Designed for narrow aisle applications requiring a high lift such as warehousing and rack storage. The Patriot P340 Automatic Guided Vehicle utilizes a hydraulic mast capable of reaching heights of up to 22 feet. The Narrow Aisle AGV can navigate aisles as narrow as 74”.

The AGVS two bidirectional steered drive wheels allow quad travel (forward, reverse and sideways) for a greater flexibility in movement and speed. The wheel suspension keeps the drive wheel in contact with the floor at all times. All wheels feature extra thick polyurethane tread for long life and quiet operation. Electromechanical brakes are included as an integral part of the permanent magnet motor and sealed gearbox assembly on all our Automated Guided Fork Lift vehicle systems.

Each Narrow Aisle Sideloader is equipped with a 48-volt battery power source, which is sized for more than a full shift of operation. The Forklift object detection sensors reduce vehicle speed and stop vehicle travel when an obstruction is in the travel path of the vehicle. This bumper safety protection technology - along with additional safety sensors - comes standard on all our AGVs, ensuring a safe working environment for plant personnel.

  • The Narrow Aisle Forklift AGV is Designed for Long Life (15+ Years of Life)
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Low Maintenance
  • Access to All Major AGV Components
  • Modular Design for Faster Diagnosis and Quick Repair
  • Reduced Risk of Environmental Contamination Since Hydraulic Systems Are Eliminated
  • Opportunity Charging System Eliminates Battery Handling
  • Simple Narrow Aisle ForkTruck AGV Deployment
  • Variety of Tooling Available for Many Sideload Forklift AGV Applications
  • The Automatic Guided Vehicles Cabinet Design Provides Easy Access to All the Electrical Components.
  • The Narrow Aisle Forklift AGV's Travel Drive Gearbox Gears are Hardened for Long Life.
  • AGV Frame is of Welded Construction Using Heavy Wall Structural Tubing which Provides High Bending and Torsion Strength and Stiffness.
  • Our Forktruck Robots Modular Control System separates AGV Functions making Problem Diagnosis Quicker and Reduces AGV Downtime.
  • Laser Bumpers reduce Mechanical Bumper Replacement Cost, Increase Safety, and can be Easily Programmed to Modify the Sensor Pattern for Each Narrow Aisle Automatic Guided Vehicle.
  • AGV Safety Devices Meet or Exceed ANSI and OSHA Standards for AGVS (Automated Guided Vehicles).
AGV Options
  • Automatic Opportunity Charging
  • Optical AGV Communication
  • Radio AGV Communication
  • Sealed ForkTruck Batteries
  • Laser Bumper with Software Selection Zones
  • Load Elevation Sensor
  • Quick Charge Fork Lift Truck Batteries
  • Fast Charge Forklift Batteries