Custom AGV Systems

When one of Corecon’s 30+ standard AGV models does not meet your application requirements, Corecon will engineer a vehicle to meet your material handling requirements. Corecon engineers specialize in product development for custom applications and this series of vehicles is a product of that effort.

agv systems
C500 People Mover Automatic Guided Vehicle

These automated passenger transporters are excellent for automated guided tours and for transporting passengers along designated routes for safe and reliable transportation. The Custom C500 transports people under a transparent cover that provides passenger protection with the added benefit of visibility.

C510 Heavy Duty Conveyor AGV with Lift

Designed for efficient load transfers of heavy loads. The Custom C510 is equipped with a powered chain conveyor capable of handling loads up to 20,000 lbs. The chain conveyor also has a vertical lift stoke of 7/8” for accurate pickup and delivery operations.

C520 Horizontal Roll Handling

Designed for efficient roll handling of loads up to 36 inches in diameter and weighing up to 3,000 lbs. The Custom C520 Automated Guided Vehicle was originally designed for film roll handling in a darkroom/clean room environment. The custom roll handling attachment has a vertical lift stroke of 3 1/2” and cradle arms that shift horizontally 2 inches on each side in order to engage the core of the roll.

C530 Heavy Duty Narrow Platform

Designed to handle very large products up to 45 feet long and weighing up to 50,000 lbs. The C530 has a low profile of only 24” from the floor and a lift platform that raises 12”. Other custom work surfaces and tooling can be custom designed to meet your specific application.

agv system
C535 Light Duty Narrow Platform

Designed for applications requiring a low profile automatic guided vehicle. The Custom C535 can be fitted with a wide variety of attachments such as scissors lifts allowing assembly personnel to raise or lower the lift platform to its desired height. Other custom work surfaces such as turntables, racks and tooling can be custom designed to meet your specific application.