Patriot Series AGVS

These automatic guided vehicles are the traditional line of vehicles which Corecon manufactures for specific industries. They are engineered for the specific applications but can be modified to fit your requirements.

P305 Small Assembly AGVS with Lift

Designed for applications requiring a lifting platform ideal for product assembly operations. The Patriot P305 Automatic Guided Vehicle is capable of lifting loads up to 1,000 lbs. with selectable lifting positions suitable for plant assembly personnel. The Patriot P305 AGV can accommodate special tooling required for a customer's specific application.

P310 Scissors Lift Automatic Guided Vehicle

Designed for applications requiring a low profile automatic guided vehicle. The Patriot P310 is equipped with a scissors lift capable of handling loads up to 3,000 lbs. and a has vertical lift stroke of 48 inches which allows assembly personnel to raise or lower the lift platform to its desired height.

P315 Assembly AGV with Lift

Corecon’s Patriot P315 Engine Assembly AGV allows for automation of production line operations in automotive and truck assembly facilities. Our standard unit has a lift capacity of 2,000 lbs. with an adjustable lift stroke of 24 inches allowing for maximum effectiveness for assembly line personnel.

automatic guided vehicle
P320 Conveyor Automatic Guided Vehicle

Designed for efficient load transfers to conveyors and flow through racks. The Patriot P320 is equipped with a powered roller deck capable of handling loads up to 4,000 lbs. A custom dual roller deck can also be designed for your application to reduce system throughput and reduce the amount of automatic guided vehicles required per your system.

unit load automatic guided vehicle
P320 Platform Automatic Guided Vehicles

Designed for efficient unit load transfers to flow through load stands. The Patriot P320 platform is equipped with a lift deck capable of handling loads up to 4,000 lbs. The standard lift deck is designed with a 5” stroke ideal for interfacing with stationary load stands. Custom lift decks can also be designed for your application.

P325 Palletizing Box Clamp AGV

Corecon’s Patriot P325 forklift AGV’s can be fitted with our rotating fork box grab unit combining both palletizing and normal pallet pickup operations in one unit. With the forks rotated 90 degrees vertically the forks automatically shift in to act as a box clamp. With the forks in the normal horizontal position they act as a normal pallet handling forks.

P325 Horizontal Roll Handling AGVS

Corecon’s Patriot Series P325 forklift AGVs can be fitted with either standard pallet handling forks or roll handling forks capable of handling loads up to 4,000 Lbs.

P330 Fork Lift Automatic Guided Vehicle

Designed for heavy load applications, the Patriot P330 is capable of lifting loads up to 8,000 Lbs..

automatic guided vehicles
P340 High Lift Side Loader AGV

Designed for narrow aisle applications requiring a high lift such as warehousing and rack storage. The Patriot P340 Automatic Guided Vehicle utilizes a hydraulic mast capable of reaching heights of up to 22 feet. The Patriot P340 AGV can navigate aisles as narrow as 74”.