If you are beginning to analyze on implementing an AGV solution for your material handling needs, our sales and engineering teams are here to help.

Corecon has many AGV Solutions for all cases:
  1. We can give you a great estimate on your AGV Needs and implement a solution at a great cost.
  2. Corecon can work directly with you and in most cases have an engineer visit you on your premises to help you in developing an AGV Solution.
  3. We have a staff that is very knowledgeable in the AGV Industry. We employ only the best qualified individuals in implementing and designing AGV Solutions.
AGV Probing and Concept Process:
  1. We will assess your business process and needs for an Automated Guided Vehicle.
  2. We will look at your budget and long term goals.
  3. We will provide you a proof of concept for designing your AGV Solution.
  4. We provide one to one consulting.
  5. We have support and highly qualified engineers to aid in the AGV Solution.

If you are interested in receiving an AGV Solution for your business automation needs - please fill out our quote request form or contact our sales team.