If you are beginning to analyze implementing an AGV solution for your material handling needs, our sales and engineering teams are here to help. Corecon can provide you with an accurate budgetary quote based on the scale of your application and your specific pickup and delivery point needs. This budgetary analysis can help you evaluate ROI and the feasibility of integrating an AGV system into your facility.

Information Required For A Budgetary Quote:
  1. System layout drawing or sketch with dimensions showing load pickup and delivery points.
  2. Request for quote form filled out with a brief description of what the customer’s material handling needs are and the customer’s project objectives.
  3. A brief phone conversation between the customer and the quoting department so the best method for AGV move requests can be selected and questions about system requirements can be answered.
Content Of A Budgetary Quote:
  1. Description of recommended vehicle types.
  2. Description of system operation in your environment.
  3. Description of recommended battery and charging solutions.
  4. List of project deliverables.
  5. Lead time for a turn key system.
  6. Suggested operational and logistical changes which would increase the customer’s profitability.
  7. Budget estimate for planning purposes.

If you are interested in receiving a budgetary quote for your project please fill out our quote request form or contact our sales team.