agv systems

Corecon's extensive line of products is due in part to the development of custom AGV systems for our customers. We take on many complex projects that others will not. Any of our “Standard” vehicle frames can be modified to handle loads of almost any weight and size. Our custom engineered grabs and specialized toolings are capable of handling extremely challenging loads. Multiple load types can be handled by a single vehicle as in the case of our Box Palletizing AGV.

Corecon's flexible AGV platforms allow us to take one of our standard AGVs and customize it to fit your unique application:

roll clamp agv

Fiberglass Roll Positioning and Handling

Falcon F150 Roll Clamp
A leading manufacturer of roofing products needed AGVs to move tubs and large fiberglass rolls. The tub application required a fork type vehicle, but the tub needed to be picked up from an existing gravity conveyor which was very wide compared to the load and therefore required load positioning and leveling so the AGV could reliably pick it up. Corecon engineered a pallet positioning devised to solve this problem. The roll handling application required a special handling attachment so the Falcon AGV could pick the roll. The roll required adequate clamping force to pick up the roll and prevent telescoping of the roll but not damage the roll material. Corecon engineered a roll grab which accurately controlled the grab clamping force and selected the proper force based on the size of the roll.

box clamp agv

Box Palletizing AGV

Patriot P325 Palletizing Box Clamp
Corecon engineered a box palletizing AGV for the plastic industry. This AGV stacked layers of boxes on a pallet and then delivered the palletized load to rack locations in the warehouse. The forks are vertical to handle empty and full boxes for stacking. The forks are then rotated to the horizontal position to transport the fully loaded pallet of boxes.

passenger transport agv

C500 People Mover

C500 People Mover
A major manufacturer of electrical products wanted an AGV to automate guided factory tours and improve the tour experience. Corecon engineered an automated guided vehicle to transport up to eight passengers. This AGV has a transparent canopy which protects the passengers while allowing them to observe factory operations. The People Mover AGV also incorporates a sound system with recorded tour information which is coordinated with the vehicle travel and factory operations being observed.

lawn mower tractor assembly agv

Mobile Vehicle Manufacturing and Assembly Stations

Patriot P305 Small Assembly
Corecon engineered an assembly type AGV for garden tractor assembly. The AGV moves from one assembly station to the next in a large loop as the tractor is assembled on the AGV. Assembly ergonomics was a key factor in the engineering of the vehicle. The AGV was designed with a lift so the tractor chassis could be automatically raised and lowered to the optimum assembly elevation. The AGV tooling allowed the tractor chassis to be rotated about its length for top and bottom side assembly.

roll handling agv

Dark and Clean Room AGV Systems

C520 Horizontal Roll Handling
Corecon engineered a special roll vehicle for a film manufacturer. This vehicle was designed to transport raw roll film material to processing stations. The AGV was engineered to operate in a dark and clean room environment. The system also required a special positioning devised to accurately position the roll at the stations within 1/64”.

20,000 Lb. Sheet Metal Transport

C510 Heavy Duty Conveyor with Lift
A leading automobile manufacturer needed an AGV system to deliver stacks of steel blanks to forming press conveyors. The presses form car body parts. The steel blanks are stacked on a steel pallet with multiple stacking patterns and have a total weight of 20,000 pounds. The system layout was critical since floor space was at a premium. Corecon engineered a dual drive/dual steered AGV which has quad directional motion to meet the AGV system travel requirements. This vehicle can move forward, backwards, and sideways at any angle. Load transfer is accomplished by a multiple strand chain conveyor which incorporates a precision lift. The lift raises the conveyor to match the height of the forming press conveyor, independent of load weight. This design provides a smooth transfer of the pallet and prevents tipping the stacks of steel. The AGV is also engineered with dual swivel casters to reduce floor and wheel wear.

This is just a sample of our engineering abilities. Contact our sales team to inquire about how Corecon can help you fulfull your needs.