Our engineering team has many years of AGV industry experience and specializes in engineering custom material handling solutions for our customers.

We provide a great range of engineering services from overall project and layout analysis to development of customized tooling options for our AGV platforms. Our expert team is able to analyze your needs and develop effective solutions to meet them.

Objective Analysis - Our engineers will work with you to analyze your automation needs and to begin development of your implementation plan.

Layout & Movement Rate Maximization - Corecon will engineer your AGV layouts to minimize wait time and maximize efficiency when moving between material handling stations.

AGV Selection & Battery/Throughput Analysis - Corecon will help select AGV units that meet your overall automation needs while also taking into consideration the daily battery life and throughput requirements present in your environment.

Specialized Load Handling Devices - Corecon can engineer customized devices to handle specialized payloads.

Load Transfer, Stacking, and Positioning - Corecon can integrate our AGV systems with your Load Transfer, Stacking and Positioning equipment to safely and accurately transfer any type of load.

Safety Planning - Our engineers take into account the human element of the AGV operating environment ensuring that all appropriate safety measures are accounted for and in place.

System Integration - For the customer who wants to integrate several lines of material handling equipment into one overall solution, Corecon has the expertise necessary to blend technologies and create an integrated multi-platform system.