Corecon offers comprehensive board repair services for our customers' AGV systems. Boards are expensive, so why replace them when our certified technicans can test, diagnose, and repair your boards back to their original factory specifications? By repairing your current board set or repairing a replaced board set to keep as a backup, you can greatly reduce the long-term operational costs of your AGV systems and ensure that they are running at peak performance.

We service all Corecon manufactured circuit boards as well as those manufactured by Conco-Tellus, Interlake, BT Systems, Volvo, Carrago, SI Handling, Hurth, Schabmuller, and Thysson.

Turn around times can be as little as 24-48 hours after we receive the boards, depending on part availability.


Corecon also offers a Hot Swap program for next-day board replacement for critical systems. Simply contact our service department and we can have a tested working board to your facility as soon as next-day. You simply return your non-functional board to us for a core credit and receive your new board immediately.

If you have boards in need of repair please call our service department at 815-786-4077 or contact us via email at