Corecon offer support and maintenance contracts to customers for help with troubleshooting over the phone or on site for scheduled maintenance and repair. Customer satisfaction is first when assisting customers with their operational requirements.

Corecon also provides support for AGV systems manufactured under the following brands:
  • Conco-Tellus
  • Interlake
  • BT Systems
  • Volvo
  • Carrago
  • SI Handling
  • Hurth Drive Systems
  • Schabmuller Drive Systems
  • Thysson Electric Track Vehicle

Corecon Supplies OEM Parts

Corecon sells OEM spare parts and support for some of the largest AGV companies from the past. Corecon can rebuild or retrofit these AGVs with Corecon's exclusive and easy to maintain controls. Corecon has full documentation and engineering for literally a hundred different AGV models supplied to some of the largest companies worldwide.

Corecon can also repair AGVs from other AGV companies that utilize wire guidance controls, such as vehicles supplied by Interlake and Conco-Tellus as well as Carrago,Volvo, BT Systems and SI Handling controls. We can also rebuild Schabmuller AGV drives and Hurth drive units used by many AGV suppliers.